Student Insurance in Canada

Student Insurance in Canada: A Guide

Canada is known for its immigration policies, education and popular places for tourism. What it is seldom known for is the array ...
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Prominent Ontario-based Institutions added to DLIs List.

A DLI is a school, university or college that is allowed to host international students. Canada had previously introduced travel restrictions on non-essential travel to...
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5 Most Affordable Colleges in Canada

5 Most Affordable Colleges in Canada

Home to prestigious universities, vivid student cities and a well-organized lifestyle, Canada is increasingly becoming a popular choice as a study...
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Checklist for Canada Student Visa

10 Things that are must for International Students before Moving to Canada!

Moving to another country to pursue higher education can be challenging and adventurous. And that’s why you must be thoroughly prepared before coming to Canada.
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Top Cities in Canada

TOP CITIES in CANADA for International Students for further Studies

Canada is big, beautiful country. Despite Canada’s great size, it is one of the world’s sparsely populated countries. According to a research conducted by Canadian Bureau...
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DLIs to reopen for international students

Canada: Designated Learning Institutes (DLIs) reopening for International Students!

As announced earlier by the IRCC, DLIs with a COVID-19 readiness plan are allowed to reopen for international students. The approved ...
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IRCC Update: Canada to Start Sending Study Permits by Mail!

Applicants of Canada Study permit who already have their approval letters need not wait to go to the border for activation of their permit. International students who are in Canada and who have an approval to study will now be able to get their permit via mail. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has initiated...
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International Students can now travel to Canada

IRCC Update: Students are now allowed to travel to Canada!

Ministers of Canada for immigration, health & public safety declared new travel updates for students on 2nd October 2020...
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Canada Study Permit Approval

BIG NEWS: Canada Announces Update for International Students!

The immigration minister of Canada, Marco Mendicino, announced an update for international students on 22nd September 2020. He stated...
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Updates for Canada Study Permit

IRCC announces Important Updates for International Students for Studying in Canada

The IRCC has recently announced a few temporary measures for international students, study permits and PGWP (post-graduation work permits). International...
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Step By Step Guide to Apply for a Canada Student Visa

Did you know that you could file a Canada student visa online application at
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Choose Canada for Further Study

Here’s why Canada should be your final destination for further studies

Canada has become an ideal dream place to pursue higher education sought by many prospective international students...
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Know All About AIP

What is Approval-In-Principle? Read how it helps you study in Canada!

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is rolling out measures to help international students study in Canada by providing a fast-track study permit process.
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Study In Canada

Online courses started before study permit approval count toward PGWP

International students who have to study online due to COVID-19 restriction are now safe from...
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Canada From USA

What you need to know when coming to Canada from USA

In case you are planning to travel to Canada from the USA, you must ensure that you know what all needs to be done from...
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Latest updates about September 2020 Intake

Students Can Take ONLINE CLASSES for September 2020 Intake for Canada!

COVID-19 impact on student visa had taken a toll on aspirants as the candidates who were aspiring to study in Canada found it difficult to...
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Study in canada - IRCC introduces new 2-step procedure for fall 2020

Study in Canada: IRCC Introduces New 2-Step Procedure for Fall 2020!

IRCC releases latest update regarding the new 2-step study permit process for international students. It emphasizes on a simpler and quicker study permit process for the fall 2020 academic year.
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Admissions open for international and onshore students

Newly Opened Intakes for Onshore and International Students!

Amidst the tremendous COVID-19 impact on student visa for Canada, Canadian Institutes have opened September 2020 Intake for...
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Top 5 Canadian Institutes for Further Studies!

Do you wish to study in Canada? Are you wondering about the best colleges in Canada? There are many colleges out of which the best ones offer ...
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Here’s a Complete Guide to Apply for Canada Student Visa!

Do you wish to study in Canada? Are you eager to apply for Canada student visa? ? If yes, then you’ve come to...
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Here’s Why You Should Choose “” for your Dream to Study in Canada!

At, we are determined to help aspirants of Canadian education in getting an opportunity to study in Canada. We ensure...
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Is it Safe to Travel to Canada amidst COVID-19 Pandemic?

Do you want to apply for Canada student visa? Are you curious whether it is safe or not to travel to Canada because of the Covid-19 epidemic?
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What Are The Canada Student Visa Requirements from India? FIND OUT!

How will you get admission in Canadian colleges or universities? What are the basic Canada student visa requirements from India?
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